"My first spaniel arrived when I was five, her name was Pixie!

My spaniels work regularly, have also won numerous Working Test awards, been awarded the KC Working Gundog Certificates and Field Trial Awards. Mouse was selected for the IWT England Spaniel Team in 2018.

My spaniels are pets and working dogs - they work, compete, act as demo dogs, come camping etc. They have to behave nicely outside, inside, and work to high level.  I believe that every dog needs a job or role within the family... it doesnt matter what that job is, as long as they are happy and importantly that you enjoy going out with them, thats what really matters.  Not every dog will make or even want to be a Field Trial Champion! 

I train working spaniels in Devon, both my own spaniels and by coaching handlers with their working dogs. I am a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor (WG), a qualified coach, an Assessor for the KC Working Gundog Certificate  and a canine sports masseur."