Would you like a well-behaved Working Gundog?

  • get to grips with the basics of training with positive methods 
  • get real-time feedback to help you learn and develop as a Handler
  • get helpful exercises as "Homework" at the end of every session 
  • train for the Kennel Clubs Working Gundog Certificate & Working Tests
  • enjoy time out with your working dog!


*Initial Assessment session, up to 1.5hrs.

*121 sessions 45mins-1hr.

*Small-group sessions for working Gundogs 

*Tailored 1/2 day e.g refresher, handling skills etc  


Based in South Devon, we have five acres of varied ground for training including; natural banks, young sapling woods, fields, jumps, obstacles, retrieving square and water nearby.  Whether you want a well-behaved Working Gundog to go shooting with, or to compete in working tests with your Spaniel,  you will have the encouragement, structured exercises, homework etc - to achieve your goals with your dog. Email for further information.

This should not be confused with general obedience training, it is training for spaniels that will be working.  In coming to train at Whitedown (once beyone the initial assessment), you will be part of a small group of coached handlers, attending either one-to-one sessions or in a small group.

Spaniel Training Image