Training your Spaniel to work...

  • learn the basic foundations for gundog work using positive methods 
  • get real-time feedback to help you learn and develop as a Handler
  • overcome basic problems that occur during training
  • undertake exercises specific to you, as "Homework" 
  • train for the Kennel Clubs Working Gundog Certificate & Working Tests
  • enjoy time out with your working dog!

 Initial Assessment session, up to 1.5hrs and all dogs start with this assessment session, to determine whether I can help you and what stage you and the dog have reached.  

121 sessions 45mins-1hr depending on the age /capability of the dog or put your name down to join a small group session

Shared Lessons, 1.5hrs, two of you share a lesson

Small-group sessions (2-6) are pre-booked & prepaid as a block of four sessions (1.5hrs each), fees are non-refundable. These sessions (over time) include external trainers by invitation, and visits to other trainers /grounds to help you and your dog develop your team's potential!

Tailored 1/2 day to meet your specific needs e.g refresher, handling skills etc  

Competition Group, meets monthly and is for Handlers who are competitive and are keen to work on elements of working tests, mixed age/standard dogs, its very social and lots of fun + cake!

Game Group, meets monthly and is for Handlers whose whose dogs are already working, but want to continue training or whose dogs have gone a bit self-employed!  Again a very social group with mixed age/standard dogs+ cake!


- Confirm attendance at sessions & let me know asap if you can't...

- Attend at least three of the four group sessions (I have a waiting list for places).  

- Practice your homework & be prepared to do preparatory work before taking your dog out shooting

- Commit to training here; meaning you wont attend multiple trainers at the same time (I will happily help you source other suitable trainers, as necessary).                     

Training Ground:

Based in South Devon, we have five acres of varied ground for training including; natural banks, young sapling woods, fields, jumps, obstacles, a retrieving square, and water nearby. If you want to work your spaniel, and compete in working tests, you will have encouragement, structured exercises & homework - to achieve your goals with your dog. Email for further information.

Gundog training should not be confused with obedience training, they are not the same thing! 

Spaniel Training Image