Would you like a well-behaved Working Pet Gundog?

  • get to grips with the basics of training with positive methods 
  • get real-time feedback to help you learn and develop as a Handler
  • get helpful exercises as "Homework" at the end of every session 
  • train for the Kennel Clubs Working Gundog Certificate & Working Tests
  • enjoy time with your working dog!


*Book an Initial Assessment session, this usually lasts 1.5hrs.

*Follow it up with 121 sessions which last 45mins-1hr.

*Join a small group as spaces become available.    

*Book a Tailored 1/2 day or day, for a group of friends - refresher, handling skills, directional handling etc  


Based in South Devon, we have five acres of varied ground for training including; natural banks, young sapling woods, fields, jumps, obstacles, retrieving square and water nearby.  Whether you want a well-behaved Working Gundog, or a competitive Working Spaniel,  you will have the support and encouragement to achieve your goals with your dog. Email for further information

Spaniel Training Image